• Mr. Youtube

    Whats Next?

    April 30, 2011 by Mr. Youtube

    From what I can see, we are not seeing Conduit 3 for a while. At least not until before Project Cafe launches and we will see Conduit 3 as one of the Wii's last games and one of Project Cafe's first games. Why is this? Simple, HVS is working on two games that we know of right now: Animales de la Muerte and The Grinder. Animales we can expect to be done by Summer and Grinder in October. The third game that they are working is assumed to be Conduit 3DS. Now we all know that this game, if it is a Conduit game, will not be part of the main series but rather a standalone or spinoff game. We should also expect a version of this one the Wii. Kind of like Assasins Creed: Brotherhood. Here is what I think the spinoff will focus on: The Free Drudge.…

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