The Shag Harbour UFO Incident was a major UFO sighting that occured in Shag Harbour.


In October 4, 1967, a UFO, likely of Attas orgin, crashed into Shag Harbour. With information Conduit 2, it likely was shot down by Plantary Defense Systems built by either Progenitors or The Trust. Puppet neorotoxin was deployed by The Trust to make Puppets of the witnesses and to allow them to clean up the UFO in secrecy. However some sort of fault occured and many witness apparently did not become Puppets or they became Puppets but then regained the freewill. A Hidden Message seems to indicate that Shag Harbour UFO Incident wouldn't not have been known if the Puppet Error never occured.

Hidden MessagesEdit

  • "Puppet error caused Roswell and Shag Harbour!"


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