Deatomizer Mk9


Ammunition Type

Trust Power Cell

Magazine Capacity


Maximum Ammo Carried


Rate of Fire


Damage Per Round



Target Scope 4.5

Maximum Effective Range


Headshot Damage Multiplier



The Deatomizer Mk9 is the upgraded version of the Deatomizer Mk4. It is a Prototype weapon only found within secret weapon caches, like the Striker and HVS45. This weapon is only available when playing The Conduit's campaign mode. It fires three electrical blasts without charge unlike its non experimental weapon counter part, the Deatomizer Mk4, which requires a small charging period in order to fire a set of three shots. You will first encounter this weapon in the campaign level Trust.

Appearance Edit

The Deatomizer Mk9, like the Mk4, resembles the real life TDI Vector, which is a series of sub machine guns. It is indentical to the Deatomizer Mk4 in terms of design, with the same elongated rear handle etc. The only difference is the scope which is red instead of green.


Reloading is identical to that of the Deatomizer Mk4. The character takes out the empty magazine, replaces it with a fresh one and pulls the lever to fully load the gun. The magazines contain Trust power cells.


Melee is identical to the Deatomizer Mk4 as well. The character jerks the gun forward, hitting the foe with the buttstock.


  • Like all prototype weapons, this gun is not available in The Conduit's multiplayer mode.
  • This weapon, along with the Striker are the only weapons from The Conduit not to return in Conduit 2.
  • A small amount of the Deatomizer Mk9's data is still present on Conduit 2's disc, but in the loadout menu it says Loadout-WeaponName-25, not Deatomizer Mk9.  If obtained all controls will freeze.


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