Claudius was one of the Progenitors mentioned in Conduit 2's data logs. He had secretly controlled several civilizations across the world. His fate is currently unknown, but it is likely to be dead.

Trust ArchivesEdit

Claudius DossierEdit

Trust Archive File

Subject: Progenitor Claudius

Claudius treasures learning and philosophy above all else. He spawned the Egyptian, Greek, and Roman civilizations, and unlike most of the Progenitors, he welcomed his siblings to his territory. This accounts why those regions have such rich and varied mythology. However, Claudius crossed the line when he began developing the Anasazi in what would become the western United States. this area was clearly the providence of our Lord Adams, who does not take kindly to those who interfere with his plans. In response, Claudius took the most developed of the Anasazi and fled to a hidden location.

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