ASE Puzzles are puzzles implemented into the gameplay of The Conduit. These puzzles require the ASE to reveal them as they cannot be revealed by any other means. The symbol of the ASE Puzzles is similar to that of the ASE's light symbol. To solve the puzzle, the player must have the open end of the rings facing downwards, navigating them to that point like a combination lock. Once the puzzle has been solved, a hidden room is revealed and opened for the player to access, usually containing Human, Drudge or Trust Ammunition Caches, small Health packs, grenades, weapons, and Prototype Trust Weaponry on the pedestal at the end of each room.

Oddly the ASE puzzles and Prototype weapons were never featured in Conduit 2, but in certain places you still have to scan terminals to advance. The HVS45 is the only true Prototype weapon in Conduit 2, but suffers from major downgrades from its 1-shot mentality in The Conduit.

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